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FT Trampoline socks is now China’s NO.1 manufacturing specialist in trampoline grip socks industry.

FT Trampoline Socks is a professional China-based audit company, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAMPOLINE GRIP SOCKS, and we are currently the NO.1 supplier in China that focused on TRAMPOLINE SOCKS business.

We are an experienced team to service you any time. Our sales to quote you within your budget, then designer will create your own sock design with your brand. After your decision by receiving an order, we’ll have our factory arrange the sampling and production, and we ship socks all over the world with DDP all inclusive services.




Our Portfolio

4 simple reasons to choose us as your permanent trampoline socks supplier.

Few of the branded grip socks and portfolio showed here on the left, it proved that you will get the highest quality trampoline socks with the lowest pricing in the world. And the more important thing is that we are a great partner to work with for long term business.

Top Quality

our socks are with the best quality in the world especially for its non-slip grippers

Lowest Price

With experiences of producing millions pairs of grip socks each year to make the price competitive enough for your order.

Mature Experiences

We have mature experiences to manage every of your order delivered within time.

Best Services

Our team are ready to provide the unique outstanding services for you at any time.