FT Trampoline Socks is a professional China-based audit company, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAMPOLINE GRIPPER SOCKS, and we are currently the NO.1 supplier in China that focused on TRAMPOLINE SOCKS business.


Indoor trampoline is a young and rapidly developing industry, for the safety jumping in trampoline parks it need to have a pair of qualified trampoline grip socks. When we found that most of the trampoline socks in the market are not in perfect quality especially for the socks’ bottom grippers, none of them in the market are fairly steady in use. We then started our researching in the gripper socks ingredients in earlier 2014. We have sent the sample products to authorized department for ingredients experiment in Shanghai. Within 3 months’ trying and research, we finally worked out the solution and new added element to make the bottom grippers perform perfectly on trampoline socks, they are extremely tight and secured that not easily get off even we use them for jumping over 15 days.


We have our own factory in Foshan for over 4,000 square meters workshop and with 120 sets of knitting machines for production. And we have few more cooperated professional factories that could meet the total annual number of 20,000,000 pairs of socks in production facility. There is also a brotherhood factory holds a 1,000 square meters workshop working on sock gripper production for us. They are professional to making your custom gripper mould, matching your custom PMS colors, running production of grippers to socks that woven out.


By using current best material in the market, all of our socks that produced are ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Our TRAMPOLINE SOCKS products are accordant with updated European and USA environmental standard, materials we used are safety for kids and babies, they were tested and proofed that have passed SGS material safety testing. Another one, in function performance, our trampoline socks guarantee to keep the bottom grippers firmly still for over 10,000 times friction, this has also been proofed by SGS.

Ten Reasons Why You Choose Us

1 We have the LEADING TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE in the industry to guarantee us producing the BEST QUALITY socks of world.
2 Our socks grippers are with SPECIAL INGREDIENTS made, it stay secured even after A WEEK TIME of persistent jumping.
3 The GOOD QUALITY BOTTOM GRIPPERS for our socks enable people to make a SAFE JUMPING on the trampoline matt that it helps to reduce people get sliding when jump.
4 We are EXPERIENCED MANUFACTURER, that make us offer the LOWEST PRICE for you.
5 Having produced for OVER MILLIONS PAIRS of gripper socks every year, that gave us the best buying power to lower down cost in material supplying and optimize the production cost.
6 Our professional art designer knows well how to create the BEST UNIQUE design for your trampoline brand, and make them possible in sampling and production.
7 We have our LOVELY SPECIALIST account managers work for you, with years of industry experiences they think proactively and always do things over your expectation in a great manner.
8 With a mature ORDER MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCES for the socks, we brings you the ONE STOP services including conception--designing—sampling--production—warehousing---freight—delivery.
9 Our freight shipping partner are with OVER 15 YEARS experiences in the international freight shipping industry, we could provide the socks shipping DDP to door by sea or by air. You don’t have to worry about shipping by yourself.
10 We are UNIQUE and THE BEST of your choices in China for the TRAMPOLINE SOCKS