Custom Product

Custom Silicone Wristband

Silicone wristband is a tremendous low cost product to promote your brand, and it is widely used in charity campaign, course, tradeshow and other business cooperate events. It is also a popular product to be used in any trampoline parks, you can custom your own wristband added with your trampoline park name and slogan, with tiny investment on cost, brings you a great advertising effect. Our custom wristband are made from 100% high quality silicone, with no safety concerns at all. With up to 5 different logo branding ways, you have various different choices to make your logo standing out perfectly.

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Custom Tyvek bands

The paper Tyvek wristband is a cool and cheap product to be used for many different events. It is secure and durable which make it to be an ideal product to identify visitors and guests. We have a wide range colors for your choice to make your logo on, in addition, they are tear-proof, water-proof and super lightweight make it a great material for admission control. So it is a perfect product for trampoline park visitors. With a large area branding place you could have your trampoline park logo and text printed all around the way.

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Custom Zipper Pocket Towel

Made with 100% cotton or ultra-soft microfiber, our zipper pocket towel provide you a great fitness after a trampoline jump or other sports. With a small zipped pocket in corner, you could take your keys and values along with together. With MOQ quantity of 1,000units we could custom dye your color matching to specific PMS NO based on many current sizes. On each end or pocket we could have your trampoline park logo or text embroidery on which make it another perfect product for visitors, people can take them anytime with sports, so brand your logo anytime, any place.

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